Grilled and Bradley Smoked/Rested Rib of Beef

Beef Rub 

*This recipe is suitable for beginners

rubbed-ribTo achieve a sweet/hot and dark crust to the beef I first prepared a beef rub. Place a large, crushed clove of garlic, 15g Maldon Sea Salt, 12g soft light brown sugar, and a generous tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce in a mortar and grind with a pestle to a dark paste. Rub the beef on both sides using all the rub, adding a good grinding of black pepper too. Set aside for an hour whilst heating the BBQ to 225°C – 250°C. Have the Bradley Smoker ready alongside the BBQ, add a few Alder bisquettes and set the cabinet temperature to 80°C – we are ready to go!

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