Simon Rogan’s Smoked Roe Cream


This recipe was given to us by Dr Chet Sharma, Head of Research and Development for Simon Rogan of L’Enclume in Cumbria. Many thanks to Dr Chet Sharma!The team operate from Aulis (the development kitchen/bar where new techniques, technologies, and ingredients are explored and new dishes created). Aulis also opens its doors to up to six diners who have a meal prepared before them from an open kitchen, and experience dishes before they appear on the L’Enclume menu.

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Bradley Smoked River Cobbler Fishcakes with Poached Eggs


I confess to having never heard of this fish until this week when a pensioner in Sainsburys, talking to me in the fish section, recommending it highly. It is considerably cheaper than the cod and haddock that it otherwise closely resembles and is from a certified sustainable source, albeit Vietnam. I understand it is now available in several of the major supermarkets writes Sandra Tate …

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