Warum ein Bradley Smoker?


Der Bradley Smoker erfreut sich großer Beliebtheit bei den unterschiedlichsten Benutzergruppen. 

Die Bradley Smoker Story erzählt wie alles angefangen hat. Mit der Freundschaft zweier Lachsfischer in Britisch Columbien. Die Kunst des Lachsräucherns - egal ob heiß oder kalt geräuchert- brachte den wahren Wert des Räucherns hervor. Beim Lachsräuchern sind verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen, feine Unterschiede in den Holzarten, mehr oder weniger Rauch für das Ergebnis entscheidend. Die Schlüsselfaktoren Qualität, Zuverlässigkeit und Konstanz sind es, die auch den Bradley Smoker auszeichnen.

Bradley Smoker hat längst seine Fangemeinde von den Lachsfischern hin zu vielen unterschiedlichen Nutzergruppen erweitert. Hierzu zählen Gourmetköche, Hobbyköche, Jäger, Gastronomen, Kochschulen, Grillprofis und Hobbygriller und Angler. Sie alle haben einen Platz in ihren Nebengebäuden oder Gärten für den Bradley Smoker gefunden.

Hier haben wir einige Referenzen von verschiedenen Bradley Smoker Nutzern gesammelt. An dieser Stelle vielen Dank für ihre freundlichen Worte.


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" I have been using the Bradley Smoker for six years and it has revolutionised our menus in the restaurantsto the point that we are even selling de Beauvoir smoked salmon in Selfridges food hall. Although we use them commercially for all our restaurants they are a fantastic thing to have at home if you are a keen fisherman, smoker, or experimental cook, having it at home in the garage or built into the shed. "

Mark Hix, chef and restaurateur

Using the Bradley Smoker gives us an extra technique angle when developing new recipes.  The consistency of the smoke is what gives this product a consistent reliability which is what we need due to the precise nature of our cooking.  Other smokers tend to be erratic."

Nathan Outlaw, chef and restaurateur

" At Gortons we use Bradley Smokers for a range of speciality dishes, especially when game is in season. In a busy restaurant kitchen they provide us with the flexibility to create our own smoked food items with remarkable ease and efficiency. "

Peter Gorton, chef and retaurateur


Home Gourmet Chefs

"The Bradley Smoker is a must have for any food enthusiast; there is little to beat than home smoked salmon or duck breast. Curing and smoking is far from difficult and the Bradley Smoker offers full control of your smoking process. Once smoking principles are mastered there are a wealth of wood flavours for you to explore."

Santra Tate, 'Masterchef ' sermi-finalist and winner of The Sunday Times Amateur Chef 
(Sandra's Bradley Smoker home gourmet recipes appear in our Recipe Blog)


Cookery Schools


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Game Fishermen 

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Field Sportsmen

" Bradley Smoker brings a new dimension to cooking game, with flavour and texture guaranteed.  It makes the game season last longer by allowing us to extend the shelf life when there is a glut of in-season game available. A fantastic way to add value and a different eating experience."

Jose Souto, field sportsman and food writer 
(Jose is a Chef Lecturer, at London Westminster Kingsway College where Bradley Smokers are used in the teaching kitchens. )



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BBQ Chefs

" Bradley Smoker is the ultimate piece of kit for any outdoor cook. So easy to use and yet it delivers incredible results regardless of whether you are an amateur foodie or professional chef."

Cornelius Veakins, bbq chef and food blogger.
(Cornelius is the Team Captain of The Hungry Ones Barbecue Team)